New Specialty Classes Available


The Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy is now offering new  specialty classes. These classes are only available for private lesson or group private classes. We will be offering classes on Karambit Knife Fighting, Mastering Staff Fighting, and our  Wing Chun Excellence  Program.

1) Karambit Knife Fighting will cover:

  • Single hand training drills
  • Two hand training drills
  • Sparring combinations
  • Wing Chun principles applied to the Karambit knife
  • Escorting and Controlling techniques.
  • Learn how to effectively spar with an Edged Wepon.

2) Mastering Staff Fighting will cover:

  • Dragon Pole Techniques
  • Southern White Crane Techniques
  • Tai Chi Chuan Pole Techniques
  • Chi Guan
  • Matching sets
  • Power Building Techniques
  • Combat Applications
  • Range Manipulation.( The abitlity to use your pole in a close quarter, mid range, as well as long range combat.
  • Techniques to develop speed and accuracy

3) Wing Chun Excellence Program

Developed by Master Keith Mazza

  • This first time offered, unique Program developed by Master Keith Mazza is being offered to students who wish to:
  • Accelerate their skill level, understanding and application of the Art of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.
  • Enhance and perfect their current skill level and focus on reaching their new skill level goals.
  • Choose to have their Wing Chun Training personally customized and taught weekly by Master Keith Mazza.

Please call 856-231-0352 or email us at to find out more details on enrolling in these specialty classes.

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