Master Mazza’s

Training Workshop

Bridging The Gap Through Chi Sao

Instructed at the Connecticut
Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Presented By Master Mazza

In Chinese Martial Arts there are 4 categories of fighting skills:

Da (Punch), Ti (Kick), Shuai (Throw) and Na (Seize)

They were designed to mutually assist each other and conquer each other.  They are common to all the arts. Learn how to transition from one to the other and learn how to use each to interrupt the other.

Covered in this Seminar:

  • Bridging techniques on different styles
  • Moving from the pre contact stage through the exchange stage 
  • Applying your chi sao in free fighting
  • How to utilize hand techniques to take throws
  • How to effectively use pursuit or retreat while in combat

There is no training prerequisite for this workshop and is suitable for all skill levels.

Contact Sifu Dave Gallo 860-918-8919

Sunday, March 10, 2019

112 Woodlawn Road
Berlin, Connecticut 06037

$100 per person non-refundable fee
$125 paid at the door
Cash, check or credit card accepted

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