High Intensity Combination Internal & External Training Program


This Program was developed for external power development utilizing both internal static & dynamic postures and movement to improve striking ability, chi cultivation and mental clarity. This Program includes 6 private lessons with Master Keith Mazza and a 20 page training manual. Beginners through advanced students are encouraged to enroll.

Requirements:        3 gallons of Iron Palm or Dit Dar Jow

                                Roller Bar,

                                Catch Bag & Iron Palm Bag

                                6 Private Lessons with Master Mazza

Program Fee:         $700.00 (Does not include palm, jow or bags)

  • This Program includes 6 months of Iron Palm training and teaches the different striking methods and materials for striking soft muscle, tendon, soft bone and hard bone.
  • How to train unstoppable and deep penetrating striking.
  • How to develop your hands for grip strength & tearing.
  • Stance training.
  • Footwork drills.
  • Kick drills.
  • Break fall training.
  • Lock flow training
  • Golden bell – tendon development.
  • 4 basic standing, seated & lying meditations.
  • 3 burning palm meditations with moving forms.
  • 5 seated meditations for chi cultivation, mental clarity and martial will.
  • 18 standing meditation with compression breathe techniques.
  • Vibrating palm meditation & moving form for both healing & striking.
  • Shattering palm meditation also known as the rock breaking technique.
  • 9 high level seated meditation to enhance your iron palm, mental clarity and finger control.
  •  Contact Us : 856-231-0352/sifukeith@comcast.net for more information regarding this program.

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