Controlled Confrontation Solutions

Connecticut Seminar

Instructed by Keith R. Mazza, CEO

Certified NRA Firearms Instructor
Personal Protection & Security Expert

For the first time Mr. Mazza, through his security training company Controlled Confrontation Solutions, will be teaching a Combat Knife Training Course introducing both Traditional Wing Chun students and CCS participants the Science and Strategy behind defending against a knife attack!

The Course will cover:

  • Short knife forms with both a standard and reverse grip.
  • Full and ½ beat flowing techniques.
  • Footwork specifically for knife fighting.
  • Utilizing both short forms to nullify the other attack.
  • Tapping drills.
  • 2 hand Chi Sao drills with knives.
  • 2 person free flow drills.
  • Reverse and standard grip techniques.
  • Knife to knife locks, disarms and takedowns.

There is no training prerequisite for this workshop and is suitable for all skill levels.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

112 Woodlawn RD
Berlin, Connecticut, 06037

Contact Sifu Dave Gallo

$100.00 per person non-refundable fee
Cash, check or credit card accepted
$125.00 per person on day of event

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