Master Keith Mazza Indoctrinated Into The Society of Black Belts of America

February 15, 2016

Master Keith Mazza  Indoctrinated Into  The Society of Black Belts of America. Master Mazza is now officially the 63rd person to be honored since it inception in 1964 by Soke Robert Murphy.


This was a great trip with Grandmaster Cheung doing some out takes for videos spending some time with his son james and two of my kung fu brothers Don Schouten and Vinny Wymbs what a great time.

December 2, 2015

High Intensity Combination Internal & External Training Program

February 17, 2015


This Program was developed for external power development utilizing both internal static & dynamic postures and movement to improve striking ability, chi cultivation and mental clarity. This Program includes 6 private lessons with Master Keith Mazza and a 20 page training manual. Beginners through advanced students are encouraged to enroll.


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