Wing Chun Blue Print

April 27, 2012


Watch the leading elbow to determine the attack and its angle. The elbow represents (a) in the equation f=ma. The energy starts at the elbow so it is slower here and is easy to identify. Guard the center forces the opponent to take a circular path to reach you which is longer than a straight line. (more…)

Congratulations to Sifu Dave Gallo – Passes Level 10 Examination

April 17, 2012

Master Mazza is pleased to announce that Sifu Dave Gallo is the first and only Level Ten Certified Traditional Wing Chun Instructor under Master Mazza with a martial arts school in Connecticut. Sifu Gallo has demonstrated his excellence in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and proudly passes his knowledge to his students. His dedication to the art, his training, and his students is commendable.

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